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Cirque du Soleil CORTEOCirque du Soleil CORTEOCirque du Soleil CORTEOCirque du Soleil CORTEO

Cirque du Soleil CORTEO

Tucson Arena ~ Tucson, AZ

The clown Mauro has passed, but his spirit is still with us. Instead of mourning, the funeral cortege celebrates the here and hereafter with laughter and exuberance. Rich, extravagant memories frolic with the senses. The sound of laughter peals around the stage, visions of joyous tumblers and players fascinate the eyes. Regret and melancholy retreat in the face of a cavalcade of lively recollections of a life gloriously lived. A festive parade that entertains; the perfect accolade for an artist whose life was dedicated to revelry and making merry.


Group Sales Performance Schedule:

Wednesday, April 3rd @ 7:30pm
Thursday, April 4th @ 7:30pm
Friday, April 5th @ 3:30pm & 7:30pm
Saturday, April 6th @ 3:30pm & 7:30pm
Sunday, April 7th @ 1:00pm & 5:00pm

Check out the official trailer here

Special Discount Rates for Groups:

Category 2 - 200 Level Side Sections
Groups of 12-49: reg. $38.00 - 42.00; adult rate - $38.00; child rate - $32.50
Groups of 50+: reg. $38.00 - 42.00; adult rate- $38.00; child rate - $32.50

Category 1 - 200 Level Lower - Middle Rows
Groups of 12-49: reg. $71.00; adult rate - $60.50; child rate - $51.50
 Groups of 50+: reg. $71.00; adult rate - $57.00; child rate - $51.50

Premium - 100 Level Upper Rows; 200 Level Lowest Rows
Groups of 12-49: reg. $91.00; adult rate - $77.50; child rate - $66.00

Groups of 50+: reg. $91.00; adult rate - $73.00; child rate - $66.00

*All prices above already include the $2.00 per ticket facility. All group orders will be assessed a one time $6 order processing fee. Prices and locations effective through March 4, 2019 and are also subject to change.

Group orders must be completed by Friday, March 29th @ 5pm. 

For more information or to purchase group tickets, please call (520) 300-8585 x1 or e-mail